We specialise in providing a cost effective ad hoc service without compromising on standards.

Health Assessments

Pre-placement screening helps ensure a persons health matches the demands of their role whilst meeting disability legislation obligations and advising on any reasonable adjustments to consider.

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Sickness Absence

AWL OH will take time with the employee to really understand the reason for absence, identifying any other influencing factors to promote an early and sustained return to work.

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Mental Health

AWL is well placed to provide advice and guidance on all matters relating to mental health in the workplace. We specialise in mental health related management referrals and are very keen on helping employers to better understand how they can support employees stay well and at work. We can provide bespoke training to meet your requirements or provide training in mental health first aid.

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Advice & Audit

Are you getting value for money from your OH dept or external provider? Are you an Occupational Health Service Provider requiring clinical audit or supervision for your clinical team? AWL can help you.

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AWL Occupational Health Ltd can provide training for your Human Resources / Line Managers / Employees in: Stress management, Dealing with Sickness / Absence, Setting up their Display Screen Equipment, Health promotion and wellbeing.

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NLP coaching is becoming widely used for improving communication, tackling limiting beliefs and un-resourceful states, including lack of confidence, through to guiding people held back by unresolved issues.

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Workplace Mediation

Is there a problem with conflict in your organisation maybe involving colleagues of a similar job or grade, or between a line manager and their staff? Have you considered mediation?

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Musculoskeletal Discomfort

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) account for 29% of all working days lost due to work-related ill health. Are your employees comfortable at work? Or do WRMSDs impact on attendance or productivity? Have any of your staff reported musculoskeletal discomfort, back or neck pain for example when completing a DSE assessment. Do they require a more detailed workstation (DSE) assessment?

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