NLP for you or your employees?

As we go through life we learn behaviours that are not always helpful; these can be in the form of phobia's, limiting beliefs (i.e. beliefs that we can't do something that then holds us back) or reactions to situations that are just not helpful to us. Sometimes we have unresolved issues that we just can't get passed or find ourselves in an un-resourceful state.

Wendy Stimson, who is a Master NLP Practitioner, can work with individuals directly or within the workplace.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is the rather clumsy name given by its founders; having examined what the difference is that makes the difference. It reflects their view that a person is a whole mind-body system with patterned connections between internal experience (`neuro'), language (`linguistic') and behaviour (`programming'). Consequently NLP is the study of the relationship between a person, the world around them and how they describe it to themselves with their senses, how they filter it with their beliefs and values, and then how they act on the result, i.e. the behaviors they exhibit.

What makes NLP popular is the often quick results, it is process driven and may be content free, so no need to go into the details!

Personal break through sessions can help people move forward through what may seem like a difficult junction, or out of a rut that they may be finding themself in. Personal breakthrough sessions can also help with unresolved issues or presenting problems that a person has not yet managed to resolve.

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