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  • Do you currently have an Occupational Health provision?
  • Are you sure that it is appropriate and adding value?
  • Are you satisfied that it helps you to meet all legislative requirements?
  • If you employ your own Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) are you confident that they have the necessary skills, competency and experience to deliver your Occupational Health service?

AWL Occupational Health aims to work with you as the employer to promote consistency and high standards of service delivery. We can work with you to look at your requirements and advise upon any improvements or actions you may wish to take. The NMC states in its guide to Record Keeping, April 2007, that:

Audit is one component of the risk management process, the aim of which is the promotion of quality. If improvements are identified and made in the processes and outcomes of health care, risks to the patient/client are minimised and costs to the employer are reduced. Audit can play a vital part in ensuring the quality of care being delivered to patients/clients. This applies equally to the process of record keeping. By auditing records, registrants are able to assess the standard of record keeping and identify areas for improvement and staff development.

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